TePe Launches New Toothpaste Range for Different Oral Care Needs

New toothpaste line suits patients who have specific oral care needs, such as sensitivity or dry mouth.

Oral care company TePe has launched a new range of toothpaste options for patients with various, specific oral care needs. The 2 options–TePe Daily and TePe Pure–are formulated specifically to help patients with sensitive gums and dry mouth. TePe Daily is available for adults, children, and babies, with mild mint flavors and either low- or no-foaming agents for additional comfort. TePe Pure is suitable for patients with sensitive oral mucosa and dry mouth, according to a press release from TePe. It contains no SLS, no foaming agents, no dye, and no preservatives.

These toothpastes will join TePe’s line of oral care products, including toothbrushes, special brushes, and interdental cleaning devices. It is made sustainably, with vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging. It was crafted with the collaboration and assistance of dental experts and will help dental professionals recommend the right toothpaste for sensitive patients, according to Dr Anna Nilvéus Olofsson, Specialist Pediatric Dentistry, Manager Odontology and Scientific Affairs, TePe.

“Toothpaste is a natural complement to our existing range and long-standing request from the dental community,” Dr Olofsson says in the press release. “The different varieties enable dental professionals to tailor their recommendations according to the patient’s needs and preferences, such as sensitive oral mucosa and dry mouth, but also options for all ages without any unnecessary additives.”

This line of toothpastes is available now from TePe.