Tekscan introduces T-Scan Novus Core Occlusal Analysis System

Boston-based Tekscan, Inc. has announced the release of T-Scan™ Novus™ Core™, a new digital occlusal analysis system that was developed for general dentists who are beginning to incorporate digital technology into their practice. T-Scan Novus Core is said to be the essential entry-level system that provides clinicians with bit wing force and timing for easy analysis.

The T-Scan Novus uses contact data, along with analog occlusion methods such as articulating paper, that help dentists identify areas in the patient’s mouth that may require adjustment. The system features a patented sensor, ergonomic handpiece, and proprietary analysis software that captures the relative force and timing of a patient’s bite. This data is designed to help dentists recognize high forces on certain teeth to adjust and improve the patient’s bite stability.

Digital dental technologies have become a must for dental practices in recent years. We know that incorporating new technologies into a practice can be overwhelming,” says Jennifer Cullen, manager of dental sales and business development for Tekscan. “That's why we developed T-Scan Novus Core as a lower-cost offering with basic analysis essentials, allowing dentists to explore and understand how digital occlusal analysis data can positively impact their workflow and treatment accuracy.”

T-Scan Novus with v10 software offers a more comprehensive digital occlusal analysis system and integration capabilities to help dentists expand their digital dentistry portfolio. For more information, visittekscan.com/t-scan-novus-core.