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Taking impressions to the next level


Rounding up some of the most advanced intraoral scanners on the market.

Did your patients used to dread having impressions taken? With a tray filled to the brim with goopy material being placed in their mouth, who can blame them! But thanks to the advent of intraoral scanners, taking impressions is now a breeze for both patients and clinicians.

The scanners on the market today are the perfect entryway into digital dentistry. Small, ergonomic handpieces provide patient comfort, while advanced software allows dental professionals to easily capture scans from multiple angles. What’s more, these 3D scans are available in real-time to immediately send to a lab or show a patient during treatment planning.

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Is it time for your practice to go digital?

Click through the slides to check out the products.


Heron™ IOS

• Heron™ IOS is said to be an accurate, lightweight and ergonomic intraoral scanner, weighing only 150 grams.
• The scanner is designed to easily fit into the modern dental practice and workflow with a sleek and compact design and a solution that reportedly delivers great depth measurement, color recognition and speed.
• Heron IOS is said to be a turnkey solution for dentists who want to go digital and utilize the benefits of digital dentistry.

800-570-0363  |  3disc.com

Medit i500

• The Medit i500 is engineered to use a high-speed dual camera system for fast, precise photogrammetry.
• With its open CAD/Cam system, operators can export STL files and instantly share with a dental lab, and its smart technology means colored scans can distinguish between soft tissue, plaque and tooth enamel with razor-sharp precision across the full arch.
• If a scan is interrupted, the Medit i500 is designed to easily pick up where it left off, making for a smoother scanning experience.

Axsys Dental Solutions
855-687-7941  |  upgradeyourdentalpractice.com

3Shape TRIOS

• 3Shape TRIOS is reportedly the industry’s first and only wireless intraoral scanner.
• The six-time winner for best intraoral scanner by the Cellerant industry-panel, TRIOS was recently named “Innovation of the Year” by the British Dental Industry Association.
• 3Shape TRIOS is designed to openly connect professionals with the widest range of integrated orthodontic treatment providers, implant manufacturers, bracket libraries, printers and mills. It comes with its own patient-excitement apps for advancing patient dialogue and treatment acceptance.
• Now with “AI scan,” 3Shape TRIOS makes scanning smarter, faster and easier than ever.

908-867-0144 | 3shape.com


CS 3600 intraoral scanner

• The latest updates to the CS 3600 scanner’s acquisition software include user-requested features that address the evolving needs of doctors and patients.
• Known for its speed of acquisition, the scanner is now reportedly 22 percent faster depending on the computer used.
• A new Multiple Bite Capture option is designed to allow users to capture and view three different bite registrations, making it ideal for dentists practicing sleep dentistry.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com


• Condor is said to be the world’s first software-driven intraoral scanner and reportedly the smallest handpiece on the market.
• Hyper-realistic colored PLY files are designed to improve patient communication, monitoring, documentation and case acceptance.
• The open STL is engineered to facilitate a smooth collaboration with the lab.

Condor Technologies
+32 (0)9 241 58 80  |  condorscan.com



• The MIA3d™ is a small and lightweight intraoral scanner that’s designed to provide super accurate, real-time immediate results.
• The intuitive scanning process is designed to be easy to use, and it includes pause and resume features.
• The plug-and-play system connects to a laptop via USB, and clinicians can easily export open STL files.

+972-4-644-3606  |  densys3d.com

CEREC Omnicam

• CEREC’s Omnicam digital impression solution is said to feature unrivaled handling, precise 3D images in natural color and fast, accurate full-arch scans.
• The secure data transmission to your lab of choice, including Invisalign, is designed to be easy with STL export and the Sirona Connect Portal.  
• CEREC’s easy-to-learn software and detailed instructions guide the user step by step through the scanning and design process.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsplysirona.com/cerec



MyCrown Scan

• MyCrown Scan is a scanner on a mobile cart, including a computing unit, touchscreen and embedded design software, MyCrown Design.
• The software is engineered to generate a model and automatically propose a precise restoration design, according to patient teeth morphology.
• The real-time 3D scan is reportedly precise and immediately available to view.

FONA Dental
+421 2 322 32 455  |  fonamycrown.com

Aadva™ IOS 100 Intraoral Scanner

• Aadva™ IOS 100 is an efficient, economical and powder-free device that’s said to offer the perfect synergy between digital technology and materials without complication or confusion.
• The open architecture device features a small, lightweight handpiece that’s designed to be user-friendly.
• It’s engineered to easily capture and produce STL and PYL files to create accurate restorations.

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com


Planmeca Emerald™

• Planmeca Emerald™ is a next-gen digital intraoral scanner that’s reportedly ideal for full-arch scanning, advanced dentistry or complex cases.
• The compact, ultra-lightweight scanner is said to offer unparalleled patient comfort while quickly delivering superior accuracy through advanced optics and enhanced algorithms.

630-529-2300  |  planmeca.com/na

Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner

• With the Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner, clinicians can reportedly easily capture digital impression data to design and produce prosthodontic solutions.
• The scanner is said to replace conventional tray impressions with highly accurate digital data capture and a remarkably small handpiece.
• Multi-scan imaging scanning technology is engineered to capture data from all angles simultaneously.

Straumann North America
978-747-2500  |  straumann.com



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