tab32 Offers New Standardized Cloud-Based Open Data Warehouse

The warehouse is designed to help inform business decisions and standardize data across the dental industry.

Dental cloud technology platform company, tab32, has created an open data warehouse that allows for a standardized taxonomy for data collection, curation, and processing. The warehouse is cloud-based and is designed to help inform business decisions and has the potential to help evolve the dental industry with data standardization.

"We are offering a modern solution that focuses on standardization, ensuring all data—from analytics to billing to clinical data and beyond—is easily accessible and interoperable,” said Kiltesh Patel, CEO and co-founder of tab32, according to a press release from the company. “Standardizing these systems not only reduces time, making it easier for dental offices to respond to organizational crises and engage in same-day decision making, but it also allows for greater insight into the industry at a scale we have not yet seen before."

The company is providing dental practices and service organizations (DSO) with the ability to make business decisions from a data-driven approach. tab32’s platform turns dental providers’ data into self-organizing warehouses with uniformly formatted and consistently categorized patient records and business data. Using standardized and synchronized data and technology, DSO can now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to unlock new insights and efficiencies and identify smarter ways to serve patients, the company’s statement read.

The platform sits on the highly secure Google infrastructure and is monitored 24/7 by its own security team, utilizing HIPAA-compliant solutions for all data-associated efforts.