T2 Consulting’s CLOUD-Prep for dentists helps practices transition to the cloud

Dental practices need to keep pace with the technology their patient’s use. CLOUD-Prep for dentistsevaluates their current technology status and helps transition it into the bigger picture. Deciding whether to maintain existing client-servers or transitioning to the cloud is a major decision that starts with a clear vision for the practice. Choice overload with no well-defined path is where disruptive and costly mistakes start.

Predetermining financial implications, current technology assets, and detailing a clear path to success is the formula that has worked for hundreds of T2 practices moving to the cloud. 

Like the foundation of a building, even the slightest flaw can lead to much bigger problems down the line. Largely, dental treatment planning is a comprehensive big-picture approach to oral care preventing small issues from turning into bigger and more expensive ones. 

Cloud-Prep uses this same strategy powered by smart tools and the best objective advice in the industry since 1998.

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