Switzerland for the 5 Senses

Switzerland's capital, Bern, offers visitors captivating landscapes along with the vibrant night life and historic architecture of a major European city. Here's a look at Bern through the 5 senses.

Melinda is an American freelance journalist currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. She has covered a wide range of topics in her career, including health care, higher education, sports and travel. All photos were taken by Peter and Melinda Caliendo.

My husband and I traveled to Bern, Switzerland for a Europa League soccer match earlier this year. The match was between Everton, from the English Premiere League, and BSC Young Boys, the local home club. Both the game and the city itself were exciting and fun. Here’s a look at the capital of Switzerland through the 5 senses.


The awesome Alps, never out of sight from the city.

A lovely sunset over Stade Suisse, just before kickoff.

Basement bars up and down the main streets of the old city.

Songs and chants from the Everton fans that took over the main square.

Bells chiming from church towers around the city.

Perfect German, Italian, French, and English being spoken by the locals.

Beer from a local brewery.

Cheese at every meal, made in the hills outside the city.

Swiss spirits, made in various fashions, available in 20 or 40 milliliters.

Bratwurst and kebabs from vendors outside the stadium.

Spilled beer and cigar smoke at the Everton rally.

Fresh, clean mountain air.

Warm sunshine cutting through crisp winter temperatures.

Comfort and relaxation in a mountain bed and breakfast.

Nausea from GPS direction in the form of abstract art.