Survey shows dentists concerned about declining reimbursement rates

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Other top concerns included the impact of DSOs and increasing competition in the industry.

Declining reimbursement rates is the top industry concern among dentists, according to a 2018 national survey from Bankers Healthcare Group, a leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of 413 licensed dentists (both practice owners and independent practitioners) surveyed by BHG indicated high levels of concern about this trend’s impact on the industry.

“Lower reimbursement rates mean dentists take in less income, so it’s not surprising that this was the most cited concern among the audience,” says Al Crawford, original founder, chairman and CEO of BHG.

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When asked to rate other concerns in the industry, dentists cited:

  • Impact of DSOs/corporate dentistry: 61 percent highly concerned. This issue was less likely to be a concern among younger dentists (42 percent) and more likely to be a concern among those practicing in a suburban office (71 percent).

  • Increasing competition saturating the industry: 49 percent highly concerned. This was more frequently cited by those practicing in an urban (53 percent) or suburban (51 percent) location and those aged 35-49 years old (54 percent).

  • Government healthcare programs: 43 percent highly concerned. This was more likely to be cited by younger dentists (51 percent) and those working in an urban office (48 percent).

One-quarter of those surveyed listed “Other” additional industry concerns, including the cost of equipment, availability of equipment, patients’ access to care, cost of education and insurance.

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