SurgiTel launches two new products

The company recently announced its new Wireless LED and SurgiCam HD.

SurgiTel recently launched the new Wireless LED and SurgiCam HD.

Wireless LED

The new SurgiTel Wireless LED is said to deliver high-quality LED optics in a portable package. SurgiTel's proprietary optics are designed to create a clear beam and an even circle of light with no hot spots or fading edges. Hot spots induce glare and faded edges reduce clarity. SurgiTel's Wireless LED illuminates your target evenly and is comfortable to the eye. Your target will appear as if under clear sunlight - ideal for cosmetic procedures and color matching. Lose the cord with SurgiTel's Wireless LED.

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Additional features are said to include:

  • Best beam uniformity with patented optics

  • Consistent beam pattern over working distance range

  • Excellent color rendering

SurgiCam HD

Share, educate and train with SurgiTel's new SurgiCam HD. This loupe-mounted, 1080p digital video camera  reportedly allows you to record and share your procedures from the clinician's point of view. SurgiTel's user-friendly software is designed to let you easily record and manage your procedures. SurgiCam HD is great for live or recorded teaching, sharing procedures, unique perspectives for publication, documentation, transmitting anywhere in the world, and consultation. 

Additional features are said to include:

  • USB power and data

  • Small and lightweight

  • HD resolution (1920x1080p)