Surgical Solutions introduces Magnetic Max

The device is said to enable clinicians to do multiple procedures easier and faster.

Magnetic Max uses an innovative electromagnet to generate a high-intensity impact, which can be delivered via a foot pedal to the site in an extremely short time frame. Magnetic Max is said to enable clinicians to do multiple procedures easier, faster, more predictable and less traumatic to the patient. This is reportedly a very unique device to the dental market as it truly generates no heat (a major cause of bone loss) and preservation of native bone.

  • Extractions are performed by preserving both the buccal plate as well as intra-radicular bone in posteriors, allowing for placement of immediate implants.

  • Sinus elevations with the use of Magnetic Max will reportedly produce a more precise control of the osteotome of the entry direction (or directionality) of the tip into the bone.

  • Bone expansion is said to be simplified since the mechanical oscillations transmitted via Magnetic Max are transmitted with extremely limited propagation to the craniofacial mass, providing a better experience for the patience and a minimally invasive procedure.

  • Use of Magnetic Max will reportedly eliminate both the heating of the host bone as well as allowing operator clear visibility of the site without the need for copious irrigation.

The kit comes complete with a motor, sterlizable handpiece, foot pedal and an assortment of osteotome tips.

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