Supersmile launches high-performing line of whitening products


Supersmile Extra White is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to nine shades by just brushing.

Supersmile® has announced the launch of their most powerful whitening system, Supersmile® Extra White. The Extra White System is the result of over five years of research and innovation by Supersmile founder Dr. Irwin Smigel.

Supersmile offers a clinically proven collection of premium whitening, breath-freshening and cavity-fighting formulas designed to deliver the most safe and effective oral care.

Supersmile’s Extra White System features the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator and has the highest concentration (3x the level) of Calprox®, the science behind Supersmile. Calprox is a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals that gently and effectively remove the sticky biofilm from teeth, to which plaque, bacteria and stains (such as coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine) adhere. Extra White is clinically proven to safely and painlessly remove surface and intrinsic stains for whiter, brighter teeth, while also significantly improving gum health. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphates and fluoride, which remineralize and restore enamel.

This system was created to deliver the same level of whitening as professional treatments. It amplifies whitening benefits without causing painful sensitivity issues. This system will not only maintain and enhance professionally-bleached teeth, but also restores bonded teeth, veneers, caps, crowns, dentures and natural teeth to their original shade without harsh abrasives.

Additional benefits of Supersmile Extra White:

  • Clinically shown to whiten teeth an average of two shades after just one brushing*

  • Clinically shown to whiten teeth up to nine shades in just 30 days

  • Demonstrated to significantly improve color of gums

  • Convenient one-step system (just brush) 

Supersmile Extra White can be purchased for $150 at The system comes in modern, sleek 7 oz. airless pumps for a premium use experience and features a new fresh Triple Mint flavor. For more information about the Supersmile line of products please contact Supersmile at or visit

*based on a 3rd party clinical testing

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