SuperMouth Launches Mouthcare Systems for Kids Nationwide

Customizable, subscription-based systems are designed to make oral care fun with superhero characters, ice cream flavors, and entertaining resources.

Designed to focus on total mouth health, SuperMouth™ is described as a revolutionary approach to oral care that includes the safest and most effective ingredients, parent-targeted educational resources, and branded entertainment content for kids. The first dentist-invented mouthcare system for kids has launched nationwide exclusively at

SuperMouth™ MouthCare Systems are customized by age, risk potential for cavities, and personal preference–conveniently shipped directly to consumers every 3 months. More than flossing and brushing, the systems include toothpaste, floss products, mouthwashes, mouthsprays, a mouthbrush, accessories, and a system guide.

The ingredients used in SuperMouth products are formulated to be safe and effective and include a patent-pending formulation, Hydroxamin™, which contains:

  • nano-hydroxyapatite—a naturally occurring mineral that can strengthen, protect, and supplement teeth
  • pH balancing—with ingredients like xylitol and inulin
  • prebiotics—to help feed good bacteria, so the oral microbiome is balanced to fight disease

To create a positive association with oral care, products feature superhero characters, ice cream flavors, comic books, music, movies, and an augmented reality app with characters that show you how to brush. Products work together to promote a healthy oral microbiome—the body’s best defense against disease. The whole mouth health approach builds lifelong healthy oral care habits that lead to healthier, happier, and more successful kids.

To commemorate the brand launch, SuperMouth™ sponsored San Diego Padres KidsFest at Petco Park on October 2, 2022, giving fans and families attending the baseball game a carnival event including games, prizes, starter kits, and a sweepstakes. To illustrate–and celebrate–the benefits of flossing and its critical importance to mouth care, SuperMouth™ brought more than 1,000 attendees together to floss simultaneously using SuperMouth™ floss, which is fortified with minerals, vitamins and prebiotics that help contribute to total mouth health.

“Having practiced as a pediatric dentist for the past 25 years on it,” said Kami Hoss, orthodontist, dentofacial orthopedist, and SuperMouth founder. “Our scientists scoured the earth to find the safest, most effective ingredients, and we created a formula called Hydroxamin™, which is going to revolutionize the oral care industry and how we think about our mouths and their impact on our overall health. More importantly, we’ve made it fun with a superhero universe, toyetic brushes and accessories, ice cream flavors, movies, comic books, and more!”

The company says all SuperMouth™ products are S.U.P.E.R.™:

  • Safe—no artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, SLS, GMO, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives
  • Unified—designed to work together
  • Playful—with a colorful cast of characters and delicious flavors
  • Effective—Patent-pending formulations to clean, protect, and supplement your mouth
  • Reputable—engineered by dentists and medical experts and backed by scientific research

SuperMouth™ is now available with subscription-based mouthcare systems for children ages 2-5 and 6-12 and will roll out new age groups each month, including one for pregnant women and another for teens.

Kids and families can also download the SuperMouth™ app (free for iOS and Android devices) for interactive fun and dental-tainment, including designing a personalized Super Agent avatar, meeting the cast of SuperMouth™ characters, and going on augmented reality adventures together.

For brand information, updates, and sweepstakes information, you can visit and follow @MySuperMouth on Instagram.