Study Shows Dental Aerosols Don’t Contain Much Saliva

This study was researched in an effort to provide information and guide practices for best infection control for the pandemic and beyond.

A study was released by a team of researchers demonstrating that dental aerosols don’t contain much saliva.

The study, which was performed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic on 28 individuals seeking treatment at the College of Dentistry of The Ohio State University, found that the COVID-19 virus was undetectable in the condensate on the operator, assistant, patient, and environment in all of the cases observed. According to the study, this result validates recent reports of low transmission rates among dental personnel.

A recent review of literature on aerosols generated during dental procedures urged this study in identifying the source of microbial bioloads in aerosols and in helping dental practices and operatories maintain best infection control protocols.

To ready the full study, visit the website here.