Straumann introduces Variobase abutment for CEREC

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The emergence profile of the Straumann® Bone Level Variobase® for CEREC® features a concave collar design, designed to provide easier cleaning procedures compared to convex collar design Ti-base options. There is no change to the existing workflow.

Straumann has announced the Straumann® Variobase® for CEREC®, offering a chairside, implant-borne workflow that reportedly is quick, cost-effective, and efficient for the GP or dental laboratory who is utilizing the CEREC® System, yet wants access to the original Straumann implant-abutment connection. 

The emergence profile of the Straumann® Bone Level Variobase® for CEREC® features a concave collar design, designed to provide easier cleaning procedures compared to convex collar design Ti-base options. There is no change to the existing workflow.

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As with all Straumann products, the cornerstone of the abutment is the original Straumann implant-abutment connection. The new abutment offering is fully covered under the 10-year Straumann Guarantee®.


Andy Molnar, Executive Vice President, Head of North America, commented:  “Our vision is to be a ‘total solutions provider’ for implant-borne prosthetics across all dental specialties. As the various industry reports demonstrate, the implant market is changing, with GPs placing the majority of implants. We have a responsibility to the patient to ensure that if a Straumann implant is placed, it is restored with a perfectly matching Straumann abutment. We respect the needs of the CEREC community and its dentists, specialists and labs who want to keep the implant workflow in-house, but want to provide an original Straumann abutment for the final restoration. We are committed to increasing our product and service offerings that are in the best interest of patients seeking implant therapy.”

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Straumann® Variobase® for CEREC® is available in four implant platforms for Straumann bone level and tissue level implants, and can be ordered via the online website eShop or local Straumann representatives.  

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