Stratasys Announces New Origin One Dental 3D Printer

The Origin One Dental 3D printer touts a proprietary technology to make for a more cost effective and streamlined workflow.

3D printing company Stratasys has announced a new printer to add in its dental printer lineup. The Origin® One Dental is a 3D printer powered by proprietary print technology called P3 Programmable PhotoPolymerization which is said to enable accuracy, part-to-part consistency, and throughput. It has an open materials infrastructure, making it widely compatible with various applications at a lower cost, according to President of Burdette Lab Chris Waldrop.

“When our inbound digital impression requests started to increase, we knew that we needed a production-grade 3D dental printer that would allow us to scale our operation. With the Origin One Dental printer, we found the unique combination of accuracy, detailed reproduction, and the lowest cost per part,” Waldrop said in a press release from the company. “We have been using our printer for more than 10 hours per day, and the reliability has been the best that we have ever had.”

The Origin One acts as a follow up to Stratasys’s J5 DentaJet which launched in the Spring of 2021. Together, these printers can offer a robust, streamlined workflow for dental labs, with Origin One introducing this proprietary technology, and the J5 DentaJet offering a unique mixed-materials, single-tray methodology.

The Origin One Dental 3D printer will be on display at LMT Lab Day Chicago in 2022. This innovation was born from Stratasys’s acquisition of Origin back in December of 2020.