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Straight from Twitter, July's 20 best tweets about dental hygienists


Read on to see what 20 dental patients said about their visit with their hygienist … and see if any of these patients might be yours. Then check out the best dental-related tweets we found in June.

So what were patients saying after their dental hygiene appointments in July? We took to Twitter to look for the best and strangest comments that patients made and narrowed the list down to the 20 you'll see below ... including quite possibly the worst pick-up line ever uttered. Get ready...

Read on to see what 20 dental patients said about their visit with their hygienist … and see if any of these patients might be yours. Then check out the best dental-related tweets we found in June.

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I will never understand why my hygienist tries to make conversation with me while both of her hands are in my mouth

- Madi Ostrander (@Madiskye99) July 27, 2015

#GrowingUpInASmallTown introducing yourself as "the daughter of the hygienist who cleans your teeth"

- Sydney Garner (@Sydney_garner18) July 18, 2015

I think our hygienist needs to think about acquiring some new oral hygiene demonstration models. pic.twitter.com/BEYUjN317g

- DentistGoneBadd (@DentistGoneBadd) July 18, 2015

My sister thinks that since she's a dental hygienist she can look in my mouth at any time..

- They call me Stacy (@stacyhoughton18) July 18, 2015

I'm afraid I've got some serious build-up...oh no, not plaque. In my pants. *gesture to bulge* -good line to use on a dental hygienist

- Rich Harrington (@McNarstle) July 17, 2015


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Hygienist gave me a kid's toothbrush shaped like a crayon. I know I should be offended but I am stoked (and it's BLUE) #smallmouthprobs

- Kris (@kristiboyd) July 17, 2015

you know you're grown up when the hygienist doesn't let you choose which toothbrush you want at the dentist anymore

- emily (@emilydschroeder) July 17, 2015

When the hygienist is using the pointy tool to clean your teeth but accidentally miss and get your gums pic.twitter.com/po999ijpcW

- siala (@sksuesue) July 17, 2015

the dental hygienist is trying to convince my mom to take me to chipotle so you could say I really like her

- Lauren (@lauren12161) July 17, 2015

When the dental hygienist gives u extra free floss pic.twitter.com/Xy4fHllHOZ

- Zo(e) (@zenscoe) July 17, 2015

My dental hygienist is the only person in my life who calls me "my love" & even though she is doing it while making my gums bleed, it's nice

- Jetgirl Says Things (@jetgirl78) July 17, 2015

My dental hygienist gets more likes on her selfies than I do :(

- potato (@KristenChill) July 17, 2015


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Just had a dental hygienist appointment. Was a bit concerning when she had to go outside to borrow a drill from the men digging up the road.

- Andy Crisp (@ACrispix) July 17, 2015

Someone please explain to me why I have to take 4 board exams to become a dental hygienist, but nurses only have to take 1...

- Ging (@haleynhurst) July 17, 2015

Dental hygienist: you need to floss more. Me: yeah I'll get right on that pic.twitter.com/Hu4Wv0AGfU

- Daniel Petten (@petts96) July 16, 2015

I got over a lot this afternoon but I could NOT get over my hygienist using the world "holla" while in my mouth.

- Stephanie Campbell (@Stephanie1851) July 16, 2015

How 'bout when your dental hygienist sharpens her instruments mid-cleaning. How 'bout THAT?! #JesusBeALackOfTartarBuildup

- yvette nicole brown (@YNB) July 16, 2015

Ugh this uber driver is playing 103.5 KTU like what are you my dental hygienist???

- Claire Parker (@SorryDontClaire) July 16, 2015

I always get THE hottest dental hygienist who takes his sweet time to flirt with me which makes my fear of dentists suddenly disappear

- Sarah Hourie (@sarahhourie) July 16, 2015

When your mom is a dental hygienist and you refuse to make an appointment at her office pic.twitter.com/ReZq4aVYyi

- Jp Godoy (@Jpgodoy_) July 27, 2015


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