Straight from Twitter, August's 20 best tweets about dental hygienists

September 7, 2015
Kevin Henry

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Read on to see what 20 dental patients said about their visit with their hygienist … and see if any of these patients might be yours. Then check out the best dental-related tweets we found in June and also the ones that we found in July.

So what were patients saying after their dental hygiene appointments in August? We took to Twitter to look for the best and strangest comments that patients made and narrowed the list down to the 20 you'll see below, including an interesting tip of the cap from an Olympic hopeful and two different comments about hygienists and Chewbacca from Star Wars fame. Yes ... two. Interested? Get ready to shake your head ...

Read on to see what 20 dental patients said about their visit with their hygienist … and see if any of these patients might be yours. Then check out the best dental-related tweets we found in June and also the ones that we found in July.

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My dental hygienist kept saying "beautiful" while cleaning my teeth. Uhm, thank you?

- smemilyyyy (@smemilyyyy) August 31, 2015

I just love the conversations I have with my dental hygienist. She understands my Charlie Brown lingo, waa-waa- whaa- whaa-waa-waa!

- Wheels (@bwheels112) August 31, 2015

Every time I floss under my permanent retainer I see my hygienist smiling back at me in the mirror

- Hannah (@hanzwain) August 31, 2015

When ur dad is a microbiologist, dental hygienist, and osteopath,there's no point in watching NCIS w/ him bc he predicts the whole damn show

- ⚡Syd⚡ (@syd_knee14) August 30, 2015

I bet the hygienist is a wookie.

- Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) August 29, 2015

Scraping moss out of the driveway. Feel like a giant's hygienist.

- CJD (@2wheels2dex) August 29, 2015

Ladies, your gums should not match your bright red lip stick. Hygienist tip of the day.

- LindsLand (@LindsLand) August 29, 2015

Bad news: I have a dentist appointment today. Good news: I get to flirt with the hot dental hygienist today.

- Adam (@adamebruce) August 28, 2015

Currently listening to a child trying to convince his hygienist that fluoride is actually bad for his teeth

- Lynzie Wollermann (@LWollermann) August 28, 2015

Dental hygienist: Your teeth are great now but when you approach 40 you'll have the teeth of a 60 year old. Me: I'm 39 & 3/4. DH: ? Me: Bye.

- Benjamin Myers (@BenMyers1) August 28, 2015

I'd like to thank my coach, my dental hygienist & the waiter at breakfast. Big winter ahead, high hopes for Rio 2016.

- Ben Bloom (@benbloomsport) August 28, 2015

since i have no cavities and the hygienist told me my teeth are really clean that means i can go back to not flossing

- side eye emoj purse (@sicadoingthings) August 28, 2015

Pay day makes me realize that becoming a Dental Hygienist was totally worth it!

- tayler davis (@taylerlovee) August 28, 2015

If you ever want to sound like Chewbacca, try telling your dental hygienist a story while you’re getting your teeth cleaned.

- Mercedes Mix (@MercedesLV) August 28, 2015

Can't decide what's worse: the scraping or the hygienist's small talk. (#introvert at the #dentist)

- Leslie Irish Evans (@LIEvans) August 27, 2015

s/o to my dental hygienist who takes her hands out of my mouth before she asks me a question

- rio (@guzmanator_) August 27, 2015

My loving gift to my Dental Hygienist is to dedicate an hour of pre-cleaning appt time for serious ear-hair & nose-hair excavation.

- Name Here (@seriousbanter) August 27, 2015

I have the sadistic urge to FaceTime my dental hygienist at lunch and make her watch me undoing all her hard work.

- Nintendo Tits (@nuttytangents) August 27, 2015

Things your mother never taught you: Never have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist who is mad at her hubby.

- Bill Townsend (@jwtownsend49) August 27, 2015

Floss shaming is real. I was just accosted about flossing for a full hour by my dental hygienist. #stopflossshaming let's get it trending.

- Zack (@zacklewis14) August 27, 2015