Sterngold Introduces the ERA RV Green & Purple Retentive Inserts for Partial Dentures


The addition of new retention inserts only expands the number of patients who can now be considered for this proven treatment method.

Sterngold Introduces the ERA RV Green & Purple Retentive Inserts for Partial Dentures

Sterngold’s original ERA® overdenture partial denture attachment system has been the choice of many dentists since its development in 1991—remains the standard in the industry today—and now the company has released the ERA RV Male Attachment, new green and purple extra oversized males, new options for long-time ERA patients.

Before the introduction of the ERA concept, patients and dental professionals alike were frequently frustrated by high costs from other options, complexity (other options could be difficult to fabricate, implement or maintain) and most important, resiliency. In the past, some options have been unreliable for long-term patient use.

ERA attachments consist of a metal female component, which is intraorally fixed, and a replaceable, high density nylon male anchored in the denture base. Smaller and more resilient, the ERA attachments are designed to deliver much greater overall performance.

Directing more force away from the implants or attachment side, the ERA allows the prosthesis to remain tissue supported, generating less wear to both the attachment as well as the insert. This means greater comfort, stability, and ease of use for the patient, according to Sterngold.

As clinical studies have proven the longevity and reliability of these attachments over several decades, Sterngold now offers green and purple retentive inserts for the ERA® RV partial denture attachment system.

ERA Male Attachments — Levels of Retention
Every attachment procedure begins with the black processing insert. This insert has a built-in spacer so it sits rigidly on top of the female. When you’re ready to remove and replace the black male insert, you have a multitude of options, each one increasing in retention. For many years, your ERA® male attachment insert options were limited to the following:

  • White (least retentive)
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Red (most retentive)

Now Sterngold is offering even greater retention with these 2 additional ERA male attachment options:

  1. Green
  2. Purple

There are 4 types of ERA males: partial denture — ERA RV, Micro ERA, ERA Overdenture, and Micro ERA Overdenture. In any case, all ERA males are mechanically anchored in the denture base, providing both vertical resiliency as well as universal hinge movement.

To implement an ERA RV attachment, you can purchase all the materials you’ll need in the company’s Stern ERA RV Starter Kit. This kit includes:

  • 2 attachments
  • 2 metal jackets
  • 2 processing jigs
  • 1 core cutter bur
  • 1 seating tool
  • 1 paralleling mandrel

Additionally, the process of removing and replacing ERA males is simple. Worn out males can be removed with a specially designed bur and the new ones simply snap into a metal jacket that’s been permanently processed into the denture. Simply follow these steps:

  • Use the core cutter trephine bur to remove the center post of the male.
  • Pop the remnant of the male out with the ERA® extraction tool.
  • Put a new male on the seating tool.
  • Snap the new male into the metal jacket or denture acrylic.

    Resiliency, dependability, and budget-friendly, the ERA attachment system is a dependable choice for removable partial denture and overdenture treatments. The addition of new retention inserts only expands the number of patients who can now be considered for this proven treatment method.
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