Sterngold Dental release new alginate alternative

Sterngold Dental has announced the release of SternVantage Alginate Alternative.

Sterngold Dental has announced the addition of SternVantage™ to its line of impression materials. SternVantage Alginate Alternative is designed to provide predictable, dimensionally stable, and is easy-to-use—the characteristics clinicians and dental lab technicians have come to expect in an alginate substitute.

The Alginate Alternative is said to work complementarily with other SternVantage products, such as Putty Monophase, and LightBody. As an introductory promotion, Sterngold is offering a buy 1, get 20% off promotion where a purchase of 1 SternVantage Alginate Alternative at regular price offers a 20% discount on a purchase of 1 InstaTemp® Max using the online code ALGINATEALT. For more information visit