Sterngold Dental Adds Holistic Relief Cream

Sterngold Dental has added a new holistic, transdermal cream product to help patients with pain and discomfort.

Sterngold Dental has added Transdermal Relief Cream (TRC), a medical grade CBD, transdermal product made to relieve pain and discomfort. It contains 750mg of professional strength CBD in a single tube. TRC has been made specifically for the dental community, tested by dentists. It was created as a pain relief alternative to opioids and painkillers for those with TMD and other pain, according to a press release from Sterngold.

The product is safe and contains no THC and has been tested by both dentists and patients. In can be used in a variety of ways such as jaw joint soreness, extraction, post-operative sensitivity, and other instances which may cause pain in that area.

TRC is available now by authorized distributor Sterngold. To learn more about TRC, visit the website here.