Sterisil introduces the MyCheck in-office water tester

Dental water compliance solution is a joint offering from Sterisil and Agenics Labs and will be available in the third quarter of 2020.

Sterisil® Inc., an innovative provider of dental water compliance solutions, and Agenics Labs, a 3rd party water testing lab specializing in dental water microbes, announce the launch of the MyCheckTM in-office paddle test to the dental community.

Water testing has long been a critical aspect of a complete and effective water treatment program. As more dental practices have begun incorporating water tests into their infection control practices, there arose an overwhelming demand for cheaper, faster, and more convenient methods for checking bacterial content in dental coolants.

The MyCheck Paddle is designed to provide bacterial colony counts quickly and confidently without the hassles and expense of a mail-in test. The clinic simply collects a sample from a dental handpiece, inoculates the paddle with the sampled water, incubates the paddle at room temperature for 72 hours, and counts the colonies.

“We are excited and proud to offer the MyCheck Paddle as an efficient and cost-effective screening method for clinicians who need a rapid assessment of bacterial contamination in their dental units," said Agenics Labs’ Business Coordinator Gail Syman.

“The introduction of the MyCheck Paddle directly addresses the market’s need for accurate, in-office water tests while satisfying the water testing recommendations from OSAP and the ADA," Sterisil Marketing Coordinator Jerod Mendolia said.

The MyCheck Paddle is a joint offering from Sterisil and Agenics Labs and will be available through all major dental dealers in the third quarter of 2020.

Over the last two decades, Sterisil has developed and refined a complete line of dental water treatment solutions that make waterline treatment safe, easy, and reliable. Agenics Labs, LLC, meanwhile, is the trusted laboratory partner for major universities, the Department of Defense, and large dental corporations.