StarAligners Pro Offers New Clear Aligner Solution

StarAligners Pro was created by an orthodontic professional and is designed for mild to moderate aligner cases.

StarAlignersProTM has launched a solution to treat mild to moderate aligner cases. Created by an orthodontist and 4 orthodontic board members, the products will expand on patient offerings through the latest advancements in clear aligners—offering a solution for patients looking for a quick and affordable alignment tune-up.

Realizing that mild to moderate alignment problems are often a missed opportunity for orthodontic care, the company introduced an affordable solution for those patients who made need a small adjustment. The product line includes 3D Customized Smile Summary, Aligner Kits, Whitening Foam, and Star Essix™ Retainers for after-treatment care.

StarAligners Pro is designed to give orthodontists more control and flexibility for more predictable and efficient treatment planning using the Star Portal case management system. While StarAlignersPro focuses on patient care, the company seeks to improve the orthodontist experience by removing the stress and cost of manufacturing aligners in-house.

The custom aligners are fabricated using Zendura™ FLX, which is said to be the clearest aligner material and has a higher sustained force for predictable tooth movement. These materials give orthodontists more control in case planning and lower treatment time, with results seen in just 3 to 6 months for mild to moderate tune-ups.