StarAligners Launches Illumina Oral Therapy System

This light device from StarAligners combines the power of 3 wavelengths to facilitate teeth whitening, gum health, and tooth movement for clear aligner patients.

Orthodontic products company StarAligners has announced the launch of its new oral therapy system, Illumina. The Illumina device uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in both the infrared and red spectrums. These LEDs are designed to increase circulation and boost gum health, while non-UV blue lights increase the power of whitening gels such as the StarAligners Teeth Whitener & Aligner Cleaner foam that is provided in the Illumina kit.

Near-infrared light is said to slow and potentially reverse receding gum lines, and mitochondrial enzymes absorb photons from light to increase Adenosine 5’-triphosphate ATP energy. With this photobiomodulation, Illumina is said to deliver ideal outcomes for clear aligner patients, according to a press release from StarAligners.

“Thanks to the innovative technology of Illumina is a game-changer for patients and our business,” StarAligners VP Operations and Sales, John Nabors said in the press release. “Photobiomodulation has been around for decades, and multiple peer-reviewed articles demonstrate the efficacy of its use in accelerating clear aligner treatment. We have an exceptional device that doctors can now order for their patients or can be purchased directly from our ecommerce site.”

The Illumina device offers 3 wavelengths of light for its users: 450nm blue for teeth whitening, 600nm red for gum health, and 850nm near infrared for enhanced tooth movement.