SS White introduces new Manta cordless endodontic handpiece

Designed to provide flexibility to move from operatory-to-operatory and to use with most brands of Ni-Ti files.

SS White just released the Manta cordless handpiece, a portable and compact precision handpiece/motor unit. This endo handpiece uses precision processing technology to minimize vibration and has a mini contra-angle head for easy line of sight when performing root canal procedures.

Small enough to keep in your pocket and ultra-lightweight, the Manta ensures a well-balanced distribution of weight in the practitioner’s hand for better ergonomic control and comfortable treatment process. Each Manta has an easy-to-read LCD display and complete speed and torque control. The motor reacts when the load reaches the preset level of torque. Five programmable settings for speed and torque can be adjusted based on the operator’s choice and the settings can be saved. Its auto-reverse features 3 working modes—auto-reverse on, auto-stop, auto-reverse off. These safety features, accuracy, and speed of the reversal mode reduces the risk of instrument separation during biomechanical preparation.

The SS White Manta cordless handpiece offers flexibility, convenience, and full portability with two-way power supply. Plus, over 8 hours of hard-working, high performance battery life on an ultra-fast 2.5-hour charge. 

Dr. Eugen Buga notes, “The Manta handpiece makes RCT treatment a more comfortable experience, and much better than the use of hand files. Together with my DCTaper files I can easily navigate and shape the canal safely and with minimal effort.”

The flexibility to move from operatory-to-operatory and the ability to use any with most brands of Ni-Ti files, makes the Manta a go-to endo handpiece.

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