SprintRay, BEGO Introduce New 3D Printing Resin

The material collaboration between the 2 companies is said to make 3D printing more economical.

SprintRay has announced a new 3D printing resin, SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO, which is designed to help improve the quality of restorative care in digital dentistry.

SprintRay Crown by BEGO is a material collaboration between the 2 companies and is said to allow dental professionals to 3D print crowns and other restorations in their offices for a fraction of the cost of other methods, according to a press release from SprintRay. The material cost is said to be just $2 per crown with a print time of fewer than 60 minutes.

"With this new material introduction, SprintRay continues to shape the future of the dental industry, widening the reach and scope of digital technology," Sumeet Jain, vice president of materials at SprintRay said in the company’s press release. "By reducing the cost and lead times associated with restorative procedures, we're enhancing dentistry for patients and doctors."

SprintRay Crown by BEGO is a ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. It’s said to deliver excellent fit and reproducible results, allowing dental professionals to provide budget-friendly custom restorations. The new resin is also said to offer great marginal integrity, said to be easy to handle and polish, and is formulated for radiographic visibility.