SprintRay Announces 3D Printing Resins NightGuard Flex and NightGuard Firm

SprintRay has announced 2 new 3D printing resins for dental professionals for use in in-house nightguards.

SprintRay has announced 2 new 3D printing resins called NightGuard Flex and NightGuard Firm. The materials allow clinicians to design, print, process, and place nightguards in-house, according to a press release from SprintRay.

NightGuard Flex is designed to be a fast and comfortable 3D-printed nightguard, said to be pliable at body temperature. It maintains a 2x faster print speed and reduces waste in its improved dimensional stability. NightGuard Firm promises strength and esthetic for patients who are looking for high-strength occlusal appliances. It still promises faster print speed and enhanced durability.

Both designs are said to be easy to clean, flavorless, and odorless. SprintRay utilizes its Cloud Design lab services to help dental professionals design and create occlusal guards with these 2 new materials for patients who are seeking relief from nighttime grinding and clenching.