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Spring Selection 2024 - Round 2


The first round is in the books and now 8 innovative dental products remain in play to be named the 2024 Spring Selection. Check them out and vote for your favorite.

Spring Selection 2024 - Round 2 Bracket
Upper Right Quadrant Round 2: Seed 3 Vs. Seed 4

Upper Right Quadrant:

Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 3: Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol

Urbanek TMJ Device

A non-surgical, custom, 3D-printed device designed to alleviate inflammation of the TMD joint, the Urbanek TMJ Device is designed to unload the temporomandibular joint.

Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol



“It’s our mission to provide dental care professionals with a system to safely eliminate TMJ/TMD for their patients without surgery or medications.” – Urbanek TMJ CEO & Founder Anthony Urbanek, DDS, MD, MS

Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 4 - Payment Manager from Carestream Dental

CS 8200 3D Access

This 4-in-1 system is designed to enhance user experience, leading to improvements in diagnoses, patient care, and business growth. A versatile system catering to the diverse imaging needs of clinicians, including full-arch scanning, the CS8200 3D access offers 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging, 3D-object scanning, and optional cephalometric imaging.

Carestream Dental



"CBCT is no longer a tool reserved for specialists, hospitals, or imaging centers. Today, compact, user-friendly systems like the CS 8200 3D Access are ensuring that more practices, including general dentistry practices, can benefit from the power of 3D imaging." – Carestream Dental General Manager, Global Equipment, Philippe Maillet

The Matchup:

The first round of the 2024 Spring Selection was not kind to the randomly selected 2 seeds, but that's great news for the 3 seeds, all of which advanced to the 2nd round. In this matchup, 3 seed Urbanek TMJ Device is taking on 4 seed CS 8200 Access from Carestream Dental. It's a bit of a chicken or egg matchup as the vote comes down to an imaging system capable of helping diagnose TMJ issues, or an oral appliance protocol that can provide relief for patients suffering from those issues.

Vote For Your Favorite:

Who moves on to the semifinals, the CBCT system or the TMJ solution?

CS 8200 3D Access
Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol

Upper Left Quadrant - Round 2: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 3

Upper Left Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Upper Left Quadrant Seed 1 - Theracal LC from BISCO

TheraCal LC®

A light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate indicated for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner, TheraCal LC acts as a protectant of the dental pulp, and the hydrophilic resin formulation is designed to create a durable liner.




“The benefit of having an alkaline pH has been reported in the literature as the inhibition of bacterial growth. At the end of the day. That’s the main goal.” – BISCO Clinical Research Manager Rolando Nuñez, DDS, MSc

Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 3: Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol


Designed with high levels of translucency to allow clinicians to achieve esthetic results that patients desire, Transcend uses Ultradent’s Resin Particle Match™ technology to ensure high levels of translucency which in turn lead to ideal pigmentation and opacity. Transcend uses a nanohybrid formula that makes it suitable for posterior and anterior restorations, as well as lending it good handling properties.

Ultradent Products, Inc.



“Its unique formulation offers the perfect balance or flexibility, strength, and gloss retention to ensure the long-lasting results patients are seeking.” – Ultradent Senior VP of Research & Development Neil Jessop

The Matchup:

In this matchup we have the first of the pair of 1 seeds that moved on to the second round with BISCO's TheraCal LC base/liner material moving forward for a head-to-head showdown with another material in the form of Transcend composite from Ultradent. In some cases these two materials might be helpful within the same restoration, but in the Spring Selection a choice must be made.

Vote For Your Favorite:

Which material takes a spot in the semifinals, the innovative base/liner, or the innovate composite?

Theracal LC

Lower Left Quadrant - Round 2: Seed 3 Vs. Seed 4

Lower Left Quadrant:

Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Left Quadrant Seed 3: Strata-G Sectional Matrix System from Garrison Dental


Designed to form a 270° Seal for ultimate flash control. It is said to provide strong tooth separation yet is easier to open due to the Nitinol drawn-wire nickel titanium that is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance. Designed for more uses, the PEEK ultra-durable reinforcement on the back of the ring allows Strata-G to retain a higher percentage of initial strength for much longer.

Garrison Dental Solutions



"The tinted non-stick coating allows for a perfect view of the marginal fit of the matrix to the cervical step." – Dr Vincenzo Attanasio

Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Left Quadrant Seed 4 - DWX52D Plus from Roland DGA

DWX-52D Plus

A 5-axis dry milling machine the DXW-52D plus features an included disc adapter rack, an optional C-Clamp accessory, a 15-station automatic tool changer, a newly engineered spindle, and the included VPanel software.

Roland DGA



“This state-of-the-art dry milling machine feature improvements that enable any size lab or clinic to optimize production, increase quality, and work more effectively with a wider range of materials.” – Roland DGA Dental Marketing Manager, Lisa Aguirre

The Matchup:

This 3 seed versus 4 seed matchup is between a pair of products with almost nothing in common. On one side of this showdown is the Strata-G matrix system from Garrison Dental, which stands out with its innovative use of materials to create a matrix solution that can stand up to repeated use. In the opposing corner is Roland DGA's DWX-52D Plus mill which is designed for efficient fabrication of digitally designed restorations. How does one choose between such unlike things?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Who takes a place in the semifinals, will it be the workhorse matrix system or the workhorse milling system?

DWX-52D Plus

Lower Right Quadrant - Round 2: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 3

Lower Right Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Lower Right Quadrant Seed 1: Stela from SDI


Well suited for Class I, II, III, and V restorations, Stela is a self-cure composite designed for efficient, reliable placement. The material cures starting with the restoration interface, rather than the exterior surface which helps prevent marginal gaps, eliminate postoperative sensitivity, and reduce restoration failure.




"It's a highly efficient, highly effective system produces superior results with no marginal gaps and excellent physical properties. So, give it a try, reimagine what you can do with composite." – Steve Rosenberg, DMD

Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Right Quadrant Seed 3: Dentrix Detect AI from Henry Schein ONE

Dentrix Detect AI®

Combining Henry Schein One’s Dentrix platform and VideaHealth’s artificial intelligence technology, Dentrix Detect AI is an AI-enabled x-ray analysis tool that provides real-time clinical decision support to dentists. Its full integration into Dentrix allows it to work within existing Dentrix workflows.

Henry Schein One



“Having our AI detection technology seamlessly integrated into the Dentrix software that dentists use every day is a huge step forward. Dentists can now easily and immediately begin utilizing AI to help them make the most accurate patient diagnoses possible.” – Founder and CEO of VideaHealth, Florian Hillen

The Matchup:

The final matchup in the 2nd round once again finds a restorative material in the mix. This time its SDI's Stela, an innovative self-curing composite that is gaining traction due to its simplicity and efficacy. Ready to face-off against this innovative restorative is the only software application to move past the first round. Dentrix Detect AI integrates artificial intelligence radiograph analysis powered by Videa AI, and it too is designed to provide a streamlined workflow, and outstanding outcomes.

Vote For Your Favorite:

Which product claims its place in the semifinals, the self-curing composite, or the artificial intelligence image solution?

Dentrix Detect AI

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