Spring Health Products launches TC-3 curing light

The wider lens is designed to easily cover a larger area for a fast cure.

Spring Health Products, Inc. announces the launch of the newest member of THE CURE® curing light family, the Spring TC-3 WITH THE WIDE LENS.

The TC-3 is said to feature a unique flat-back head and a bigger lens, measuring 11mm. The wider lens is designed to easily cover a larger area, such as a 10-mm molar, for a fast cure, so nothing is missed. The low-profile design reportedly ensures easy access to all areas of the mouth. The front and back power buttons allow for easy operation.

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The TC-3 is the latest in high-power LED technology, providing 1400 mW/cm, high intensity and 700 mW/cm. low and delivers consistent, uniform power to the curing site. The multiwavelength LED has foour diodes producing high-intensity light at 440nm to 460 nm. This wavelength is capable of polymerizing most light-cured dental materials, penetrating porcelain to cure underlying resin cements and allowing for a six-second uniform cure. The digital timer readout can be set from two to 20 seconds. The durable all-metal housing is engineered to be easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable. There's no glass rod to chip or break; the LED is in the head.

Small and extremely lightweight (only 3.1oz), the unique, ergonomic shape reportedly provides a comfortable grip from any angle with a grip diameter of only an inch. The battery-operated, cordless wand design provides optimal convenience and flexibility. Plus, the batteries are easily changeable. Designed to optimally cure restorative materials and deliver the performance demanded by dentists and required by patients. Made in the United States.

For more information, call 610-630-9171 or visit www.springhealthproducts.com.