SPONSORED: Tom Zaleske Reviews Dental Creations, Ltd.’s Products




In this video, Tom speaks about several of our prominent products. Tom tells how using Wonderfill and Wonderformer has cut his time for boxing and pouring models from 20 minutes to three minutes. He talks about how Wondergloss can be used to make models shine, but can also be used to seal writing on a model. You will also hear how he uses Wonderfreeze for vacuum forming and Wonderadmix for pouring up models. Tom has also made several YouTube videos for our products.   

We also want you to see the other products we have to offer. One is our new Stax Plus Porcelain Modeling Liquid. This modeling liquid is for both low and high fusing porcelains including lithium di silicate and Yz layering porcelains. It eliminates slumping, reduces build up time by 25 percent and reduces firing shrinkage by 50 percent. Another new product is our Z-Shine Diamond Polish Kit. In one step in 30 seconds or less receive a high gloss finish on all restorations, including hybrid composites, pressed ceramics, and full contour milled zirconia. It is water soluble and is easy to clean up. Visit our website to see all our products that have been developed to help save you time and money.