SMARTbase™ for Optimized Esthetics

Sponsored Post: Learn all about this Strategically Manageable Advanced Restorative Technology which makes it easier to achieve esthetic outcomes when restoring dental implant cases.

Without question, most if not all patients desire optimal aesthetics from their oral health providers. This includes dental implant restorations. At times, achieving such an outcome can be difficult. Some of the most common difficulties clinicians face are with anterior restorations. Also, placement of the screw, tissue management, color blending of restorative materials, and the appropriate sized base to place the crown can present difficulties.

How do you approach these difficult Cases? Implant Direct has a solution to address these issues and more.

The introduction of SMARTbase Engaging Ti-base Abutment System from Implant Direct allows clinicians to achieve optimal outcomes for screw-retained restorations. SMARTbase abutments are a new generation of titanium abutments (also known as Ti-bases) designed with ease of use in mind, and offer a number of features that aid in allowing clinicians to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing restoration.