[SPONSORED] How the DentiMax Sensor Works with the Software You Already Own

The DentiMax Dream Sensor is known for its award-winning image, great warranty, and affordable price. But we know that’s not enough for some dentists who already have imaging software. That is why the Dream Sensor is one of the only sensors on the market that works with most systems.

Will the DentiMax Dream Sensor work with my software?

Many dentists and office managers ask if the Dream Sensor will work with their practice management software. This is a misnomer because digital sensors work with imaging software which usually bridges from the office’s practice management software.

Imaging software is what manages patients’ intraoral and extraoral X-rays, or intraoral camera photos whereas practice management software manages patients’ periodontal charts, clinical charts, and the financial side of the practice. Examples of practice management software include DentiMax, Dentrix®, Eaglesoft®, SoftDent®, and PracticeWorks®. Examples of imaging software include DentiMax Imaging, DEXIS Imaging Suite®, Patterson Imaging®, VixWin®, and Carestream Imaging®.

Often dentists do not realize they have both imaging software and practice management software because they usually bridge together. The real question to ask is “will the sensor work with their current imaging software?”

The problem is most imaging software applications are closed-systems. Normally imaging software applications are built with specific hardware in mind, which means that other devices can’t be used in the imaging software application the same way that the application does with its own sensor.

This means that every time the practice needs an additional sensor or the sensor breaks, the practice will have to purchase from the same company they bought the original sensor from, locking them in.

Luckily, DentiMax has solved this dilemma.


How the DentiMax Dream Sensor works with different imaging software applications.

The best scenario is the practice uses an open-system imaging software. This means all sensors on the market will work natively with the application.

DentiMax Imaging is one of the few manufacturers that is an open-system. If the office is buying their first digital sensors or starting a new practice, you’ll want to buy sensors that come with an open-system imaging software, so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with other hardware devices.

What if the office is using a closed-system application and doesn’t want to purchase new imaging software?

To solve this, DentiMax has developed a Native Capture Module, which allows the Dream Sensor to work natively into a closed-system. For example, if the practice uses DEXIS® Sensors, which come with DEXIS Imaging Suite™, the Native Capture Module allows the DentiMax Dream Sensors to work seamlessly within the DEXIS® imaging software.

The DentiMax Native Capture Module only works with certain closed-systems. For the rest of them, DentiMax can use a TWAIN driver.

TWAIN drivers are a way that manufacturers of an image capture device -including those outside the dental industry- can get their images into any imaging program.

In dentistry, digital panoramic units utilize TWAIN drivers to transfer images captured by their pan units into any imaging application. However, this process can be slower for X-ray sensors, which is why DentiMax has created a special TWAIN driver to speed up the process, so the office’s workflow doesn’t change or only changes slightly.


Why should I purchase the DentiMax Dream Sensor over other sensors?

The DentiMax Dream Sensor has won numerous awards for its image quality. It produces higher resolution images than other sensors, making it easier to diagnose patients. Also, DentiMax can make presets based on the doctor’s diagnostic preferences so the X-rays are always optimized when they return instead of the doctor having to make manual adjustments or having to click an enhancement button after.

On top of that, it’s the thinnest CMOS sensor on the market, making it a lot easier for the staff to place and more comfortable for the patient.

The sensor is also backed with a 3-year manufacturer warranty compared to most sensors who only have a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Last but not least, it is also about half the cost of all other high-end sensors. DentiMax sells directly to customers passing the savings along to doctors and dental practices compared to other sensor manufacturers who sell through 3rd parties.


Try Before You Buy

DentiMax lets doctors try the Dream Sensor for free with no financial obligation. Simply fill out a request form, and DentiMax will ship the sensor to you to try in your office. After the trial period, DentiMax will ask if you would like to purchase the sensor or return it. If you choose not to purchase, DentiMax will send you a return label. It’s that simple!