SPONSORED: Five Ways to Wake up Your Whitening Program

Teeth whitening is the Number One requested cosmetic dentistry service, and chances are that you are already doing it or have at least been asked about it.

Are you ready to wake up your whitening program? 

Teeth whitening is the Number One requested cosmetic dentistry service, and chances are that you are already doing it or have at least been asked about it. It’s so popular that there are any number of places where a patient can go for whitening – including other doctors or even the local drugstore. What can you do to set your practice apart in the world of whitening? Here are five ways that offering the LumiSmile White take-home system will boost your practice:




#1: Offer A Unique System With Incomparable Results

Whitening is a crowded market, with many different types of products and delivery systems. The quick and easy solution isn’t always better, and sometimes it’s hard to make the right product decision. The options can be overwhelming to patients. To attract more customers, you must couple a quality product along with extraordinary service. The LumiSmile White take-home system helps easily build a partnership between your practice and your patients while providing exceptional service. Displaying the LumiSmile White products and having informational material available opens the door for patients to learn about it. The result is delivering a quality whitening system to existing patients, while marketing your practice to new patients.






#2: Give Patients a Reason to Return for Additional Procedures  

Whitening is like the appetizer before a steak dinner: Once patients try whitening, they are likely to ask you about additional cosmetic procedures to improve their teeth. The end result is:

  • Increased whitening business

  • An increase in patients seeking additional cosmetic procedures

  • An influx of new patients






#3: Incorporate the Whitening Discussion into Every Hygiene Visit

The whitening packs are prominently displayed in your practice – usually at the front desk where patients can see them as they check in or check out. Be sure to discuss whitening with every patient – treatment planning should begin with whitening as the first step. Many patients are afraid to ask how they can change their smile. Whitening is a simple, non-intimidating 1st step to achieving the cosmetics results many people desire. Not only will patients return for additional services or procedures, they will also refer family and friends. At first, those new referrals will come for your whitening services, but then they, too, will return for additional services and refer even more new patients. DenMat will train your entire staff how to talk to patients about whitening, especially as a stepping-stone to other procedures.





#4: Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Practices don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing, and partnering with DenMat is an easy, affordable way to promote your practice. DenMat helps market the LumiSmile White take-home packs by showing you how to offer seasonal specials, market to patients, and how to display the kits. To help promote the whitening packs, DenMat provides free marketing support to get you started. This includes brochures, posters, seasonal marketing or even the option of adding your practice’s name and information to the whitening pack, personalizing it like a business card.







#5: Offer a Complete Whitening Solution with Your Practice

When you bring the LumiSmile White take-home packs into your practice, you are able to immediately offer whitening services to your patients and promote your business with: • 50 individually wrapped, personalized (optional) syringes • A practice building guide to help kick-start your whitening program • Five interchangeable marketing postcards for the front of the bulk kit • 25 promotional cards for new patients who need customized trays.






It All Adds Up To:

LumiSmile White take-home is a comprehensive whitening program for your office. We have an option for everyone! The LumiSmile White take-home system is:

  • Easy-to-use

  • Affordable

  • Formulated to minimize sensitivity

  • Flavored with real peppermint oil

  • Available in three different strengths and delivery options for patient needs

  • An 18-month, refrigeration-free shelf-life





Let us help grow your practice with LumiSmile White!

Your practice flourishes when you partner with DenMat and the LumiSmile White take-home system. There are many benefits for your practice:

  • Customers are served with a high-quality product

  • The product can be customized for your practice

  • The product is inexpensive and is a stepping-stone to further cosmetic procedures

  • You save money on practice marketing

  • We help you promote the product

  • A comprehensive whitening program offering multiple options for take-home and in-office whitening solutions

Call DenMat today to find out how you can get started with the LumiSmile White Practice Building System! 1-800-4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628).