'Spark truly stands out as a leader'

A Q&A with Matt Oren, engineering manager at Orascoptic, on the Best of Class winner Spark.


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What makes the Spark so special?

Spark strikes a perfect balance of performance, comfort and ease-of-use. It provides a high quality, uniform light at just the right intensity, without having to change batteries multiple times a day.

Why do you think it won the Cellerant 2017 Best of Class Award?

I think it’s the combination of thoughtful design and industry leading innovation. [Innovations like], for example, the consistency and quality of the headlight spot, the balance of light output and battery run time, and the ease of operating the light.  

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What do you think it has provided to the industry that other headlights had not?

A cordless, lightweight solution that attaches securely to virtually any loupe on the market.

What has been the user experience with the Spark?

Users appreciate the freedom from cords and ease of use.

What’s the ergonomic advantage to the Spark?

I think good lighting is just as important as magnification when it comes to providing the best patient care. Loupe-mounted lights like Spark provide coaxial illumination eliminating shadows in the field of view.

How does it change and improve the dental workflow?

Door knobs are the enemy! Clinicians can move throughout the office without that pesky cord getting in the way.

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What is one thing you really want everyone to know about Spark?

There are several cordless headlights on the market; Spark truly stands out as a leader among the rest.