Spark Clear Aligners Release 13 Delivers Orthodontic Innovations With Exclusive Clinical Features

Clinician-driven improvements designed to provide optimal control, more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

Developed with feedback from orthodontic specialists, Ormco Corporation’s new Spark™ Clear Aligners Release 13 includes proprietary Integrated Hooks, CBCT TruRoot™ Feature and Real Time Approval in the Spark Approver Software which will further enhance treatment planning and efficiency.

Key innovations in Spark Release 13 include:

Integrated Hooks – Spark's proprietary Integrated Hooks are an innovative alternative to current hook or button aligner cutouts when elastics are needed in treatment.*

TruRoot – With the all-new TruRoot Feature, Spark clinicians now have the option to replace the library roots in the Spark Approver Software with the patient's actual root shape as captured on the CBCT scan, to deliver a more comprehensive root visualization and treatment plan.*

Real Time Approval – With Real Time Approval clinicians can add, modify, or delete aligner features without the need for change requests.

"We are proud to continue our 60+ year commitment to making breakthrough advances to best serve our doctors. Through their insights, the Spark Aligners R13 launch continues to revolutionize and improve predictable treatment planning and increase operational efficiency to elevate our doctors' practices," Rick Matty, Vice President of Product Innovation, says in a press release.

Spark Aligners' enhanced and exclusive Integrated Hooks are built into the aligners with proven and tested durability throughout the course of aligner treatment. They can be used whenever elastics are needed, such as for Class II and Class III correction, and even with TADS to aid with intrusion for gummy smile correction.* "Spark's Integrated Hooks are far superior to the traditional elastic cutouts which bend and break. Even with the use of heavy elastics, the Integrated Hooks hold up great for amazing A/P correction," says Trevor Nichols, DMD.**

As a result of a strong association with orthodontic professionals, Ormco understands the importance of being able to visualize roots for both diagnosing and treatment planning. Since the introduction of CBCT integration and root visualization in 2020, Spark has continued to lead innovation in this space. With today's introduction of the TruRoot Feature, Spark clinicians now have the option to replace the library roots in the Spark Approver Software with the patient's actual root shape as captured on the CBCT scan.* Spark cases that utilize the CBCT TruRoot feature will have pink roots to visually differentiate them from the default library roots. Doctors can also customize with a color of choice to provide immediate identification of a TruRoot setup. Spark doctors surveyed agree that the CBCT TruRoot Feature provides better accuracy and quality of the shape, position and size of the roots.*

For the first time, because of improved features, clinicians will be able to treatment plan tooth movements with the exact knowledge needed to finish with a perfect, healthy, periodontal outcome. If you factor in multi-disciplinary cases that involve setting up implant spaces, this technology truly sets Spark apart from other clear aligner brands

In addition to the new TruRoot Feature, Spark's CBCT integration and root visualization solution offers the following proprietary features:

  • 3 preset views: Skin, Translucent Skin, and Bone and Soft Tissue
  • Clipping plane is available in 3 different views (axial, coronal and mesial-distal)
  • The ability for the doctor to continue to work on the prescription form while uploading the DICOM file
  • Available on all Spark products for increased control and flexibility: Spark Advanced, Spark 20 and Spark 10

More efficient and faster workflows are now achievable with this new Spark Approver Software feature. Aligner features in the auxiliary menu (Integrated Hooks, attachments, posterior bite turbos, bite ramps, elastic and button cutouts) can now be modified, added or deleted without the need for change requests.

*Data on file at Ormco™
** The opinions expressed are those of Dr Trevor Nichols as a paid consultant to Ormco. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients. Individual patient results may vary.