Spark Clear Aligner System Receives FDA Clearance for Younger Patients

The clear aligner system has been cleared for primary and secondary teeth treatment for younger patients.

Orthodontic corporation Ormco has announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the use of its Spark Clear Aligner System for treatment in younger patients.

Spark Clear aligners are designed for kids and teens with cases varying from simple to complex and are said to be comfortable and more stain resistant, according to a press release from Ormco. Spark Aligners are made with TruGEN, a clear material that resists stains. Its edges are smoothed to offer a more comfortable experience for wearers.

Spark Aligners involve the doctor directly and can be used to treat a variety of issues that may bother teens and kids. The FDA has cleared it for use in the U.S.