SOTA Imaging Launches Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator Cazoo

This extraoral aerosol evacuator was designed to protect from dangerous COVID-19 particulates transmitted through aerosols.

SOTA Imaging announced the launch of Cazoo, an extraoral aerosol evacuator that was designed to reduce dental aerosols. This reduction of dental aerosols will protect clinicians and patients from COVID-19 particulates.

Because of current recruitment challenges brought on by COVID-19 safety concerns, Cazoo was designed specifically to safeguard against the virus and mitigate risk for clinicians. It connects directly to high-volume evacuator (HVE) line, as research conducted independently shows a significant reduction of particulates when compared to intraoral standard saliva ejectors.

Cazoo is applied with a lip attachment or to a cheek retractor, and a splash guard sold separately is said to provide additional protection from aerosols. Practitioners can also purchase the arm accessory for precision and two-hand dentistry/hygiene procedures.