Sonendo Rebrands and Launches New Website

Sonendo has rebranded with a new logo and website to further affirm its commitment to educating clinicians on the GentleWave endo system.

Sonendo has announced a new brand campaign and website, reflecting Sonendo’s investment in endodontics and patient care, according to a press release from the company. The new website will frequently feature clinicians using Sonendo’s GentleWave® System to provide insight directly from the practitioner on how to master this endodontic technology. This was done to provide education in an area that may be challenging for clinicians, according to president and CEO of Sonendo Bjarne Bergheim.

“Root canal therapy is highly complex, and there are challenges beyond the reach of even the most skilled hands. On top of this, many patients are fearful or anxious about root canal treatment due to widespread misconceptions or outdated information about the procedure,” Bergheim says in the press release. “We aim to help doctors navigate these challenges by providing a simpler and more streamlined way to perform the procedure that elevates patient care.”

Sonendo’s new platform affirms a commitment to practitioner education, following initiatives such as its Sound Science® Academy for peer-to-peer mentorship, and its GentleWave Practice Success Program that provides a variety of trainings for dental professionals.

This new website is designed to be modern and easy-to-navigate, per Sonendo, and it also comes with a new logo for the brand.