Sonendo Announces Launch of New CleanFlow Instrument for its GentleWave System

This new procedure instrument is designed for the GentleWave root canal therapy system, and it is said to make the patient experience easier and more comfortable.

Developer of the GentleWave® system, Sonendo has announced the launch of its CleanFlow® instrument. This CleanFlow instrument was created for the GentleWave system and is said to provide a less invasive option for root canal therapy, according to a press release from Sonendo. This new instrument allows for a procedure that does not require sealing caps or depth gauges, and it contains a SoundBAR inside so that the inside of the tooth can be cleaned from the outside.

CleanFlow is also said to incorporate a fluid management mechanism as well as a technology called SoundCue™ which enables audio cues to know when the optimal seal is achieved. This comes with a FlowView™ window for visual cues and monitoring. This new instrument is designed to make endodontics easier for both patient practice, according to Dr John Khademi of Four Corners Endodontics in Colorado.

“At a time when there is a lot of noise in the specialty with legacy products being marketed as ‘new,’ CleanFlow Technology is true endodontic innovation, which I believe is re-setting the standard for how root canal therapy is performed,” Dr Khademi said in the press release. “I’m energized by the advancement through CleanFlow Technology, and my staff and patients have a great experience.”

CleanFlow is also designed to be used with just a 1-hand operation, which is said to improve the patient experience for its comfort and efficiency.