Solve my problem: Streamlining patient information

Using XLDent to access patient history, treatment plans and more.

The problem: Patient data isn’t easily accessible

Maintaining accurate and organized patient records is crucial for every dental practice. Practices with multiple locations often struggle with enabling the entire team to access important information and patient data.

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The solution: XLDent

  • XLDent is an all-inclusive electronic dental records system that automates key business processes and ensures dental teams have the tools they need to manage the practice more profitably.

  • The versatile XLDent Patient Screen can be customized to suit each individual user’s needs and job functions.

  • Intuitive paperless forms help practices streamline patient check-in and registration.

  • The tablet-friendly software gives dental teams the mobility to move throughout the office with full access to all patient records to deliver the best patient experience possible.

  • The Appointment Scheduler’s easy-to-use design delivers a fully customizable, complete scheduling solution featuring email and text appointment reminders, printable color schedules, multiple schedule views and more.