Solve My Problem: Sterilization peace of mind in 24 minutes

Published on: 
Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2020, Volume 54, Issue 10

The 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader 490M keeps sterilizer testing in house with results in less than half an hour.

Information provided by 3M.

The Problem

Weekly biological indicator testing of dental sterilizers can take up to a week to produce results when using an outside lab

A malfunctioning sterilizer could remain in use, and improperly sterilized instruments could be used with patients while waiting for the results of a spore test sent to a lab.


The Solution

3M™ Attest™ Mini Auto-reader 490M

  • provides sterilization monitoring results in just 24 minutes
  • compact size to easily fit on a countertop
  • four wells for testing 4 samples or controls simultaneously
  • large display features a countdown timer to indicate when results will be available
  • incubates and reads 3M Attest Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicators 1491 (Blue cap) and 1492V (Brown cap)*
  • connects to a computer via an included USB cable for simple results documentation in the Attest Connect Auto-reader Application

* BI indications for use should align with the sterilization cycle(s) to be monitored.