Solve my problem: Improving depth of cure and sculptability

Using the Phasor™ composite warming system to transform packable materials into flowable ones.

The problem: Composite material is difficult to manipulate

Having composite materials that stick to instruments or aren't easily shaped can be downright frustrating. What's more, they can lead to restorations that aren't esthetically pleasing for the patient.

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The solution: Phasor™

  • The Phasor™ composite warming system is said to be the first of its kind, using NIR technology to rapidly warm highly filled composite compules.

  • With the touch of a button, Phasor is designed to be able to heat composite material to 150°F in seconds and maintain that temperature through-out the procedure, all while remaining cool to the touch.

  • This technique is engineered to allow for packable materials to act more like flowable materials.

  • Unlike other devices, the Phasor isn’t limited to a single brand of composite, making the device extremely versatile.

  • Lowered material viscosity also reduces the hand pressure needed to deliver composite material, allowing for more efficient delivery.