Solve my problem: Ensuring practice efficiency

How the new care management platform from Carestream Dental helps dental practices stay competitive.

The problem: Daily interruptions are affecting patient care and the practice's bottom line

Almost every day, dental practices are faced with small interruptions that disrupt the workflow, whether it's a patient who cancels an appointment at the last minute or unpaid bills that are holding up patient treatment.

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The solution: Carestream Dental's new care management platform

  • The platform is designed to help dental professionals balance the delivery of excellent patient care with the need to ensure practice efficiency and revenue growth in today’s competitive market.

  • Following a software-as-a-service model, the new platform is engineered to provide anytime, anywhere access, easy setup and configuration, automated backups and seamless updates.

  • The new platform is said to ensure that core dental practice activities are easy to learn while also supporting the complexities and interruption-prone nature of real-world practice environments.

  • With centralized management tools, office and business managers can easily monitor the current state of a solo practice or an enterprise-level group with timely, actionable reporting on key performance indicators.