Solve My Problem: Eliminating a main source of restoration failures

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2020
Volume 54
Issue 10

With its antimicrobial properties, FiteBac Cavity Cleanser can help protect restored teeth from developing recurrent decay that can lead to restoration failure.

Information provided by FiteBac Dental.

The Problem

Dental restorations often only last a few years before recurrent decay can cause failures and the need for treatment beneath the restoration

This recurrent decay is caused by pathogens that can build up on the tooth surface and penetrate through any marginal gaps or are trapped beneath the surface of the restoration, causing damage to the tooth structure around and beneath the restoration.

The Solution

FiteBac antimicrobial cavity cleanser

FiteBac® Cavity Cleanser

  • Is an antimicrobial solution designed to reduce bacteria and fungi while also addressing residual microbial contamination
  • Removes debris in carious lesion preparations
  • Helps stabilize collagen fibers by reducing troublesome natural enzymes, including matrix metallopeptidases and cathepsins
  • Features FDA-cleared antimicrobial technology that’s effectiveness is demonstrated in published, peer-reviewed papers
  • Penetrates exposed dentin tubules that can improve restoration adhesion

FiteBac Dental

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