Smylen Wins Innovation Award from Revere Partners at Yankee Dental Congress

Smylen has been recognized by way of the Innovation Award for its AirPay front office payment solution.

Smylen has announced that it has won the “Innovation Award” from Revere Partners at Yankee Dental Congress 2022. This was awarded for Smylen’s product AirPay, a streamlined check-in/check-out process for the dental front office. AirPay automates insurance verification, calculates out of pocket responsibility, and offers digital payment systems. This was created to eliminate unnecessary hassle, according to Innovation Award panel judge and Former Executive Director of the American Dental Association Kathleen O’Loughlin.

“Smylen’s product AirPay solves a major pain point for dental practices in the verification, pre-authorization and administration of a patient’s prepaid dental benefit. A creative digital answer to a decades-old manual process problem,” O’Loughlin said in a press release from Smylen.

AirPay is suitable for any size practice or practices in a DSO. It was launched in 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for technological advancements in digital payment processes.

The Innovation Award was chosen by a panel of judges, including O’Loughlin; Dr Jeremy Krell, Dr Roshan Parikh, Dr Nadeem Karimbux, Dr Thomas Van Dyke, Dr Bruce Lieberthal, and Kirill Zaydenman. Based out of New York City, Smylen is a dental technology software company.