SmileDirectClub Launches New Water Flossers

These 2 water flossers from SmileDirectClub clean teeth and gums better, while offering experiences suited to the patient.

SmileDirectClub has announced the launch of 2 water flossers. The new Large Tank and Compact Water Flossers were designed to help patients have a healthier smile as they are designed to be more effective than traditional string floss, according to a press release from the company.

The Large Tank Water Flosser contains a reservoir to hold water for 90 seconds of flossing and has 3 pressure modes ranging from normal, soft, to pulse. This flosser is recommended for patients with braces or dental work that has more intensive cleaning procedures. The Compact Water Flosser is designed for travel, sliding open to a full-size water flosser. It contains built-in storage for the flossing tips. Both water flossers are said to be water-resistant. These water flossers remove 99% of plaque in between teeth and below the gumline, making for healthier teeth and gums, according to General Manager of Global Oral Care at SmileDirectClub, Amy Keith.

“The Large Tank and Compact Water Flossers are an extension of our expanding, premium oral care product line,” Keith said in the press release. “SmileDirectClub is committed to pushing boundaries and increasing access to affordable and convenient smile solutions, which is why we are excited to continue providing customers with the latest and greatest in the oral care industry. With the category growth of the water flosser segment, we look forward to reaching new customers with this expansion.”

Both the Large Tank Water Flosser and the Compact Water Flosser are available now for patients.