Smile Pronto launches subscription oral care kit

The kit delivers a complete ecosystem of oral care products.

Smile Pronto is launching the first subscription oral care kit complete with multiple products. Smile Pronto delivers a complete ecosystem of oral care products designed to provide everything subscribers need for a confident, beautiful and healthy smile.

Products include:


  • Flosstime is the world’s first automated floss dispenser designed to create lifelong flossing habits.

  • People are reporting flossing 4-5x more with Flosstime.

  • Flosstime is designed to dispense the perfect amount of floss. And, when it is time to floss again, it lights up. This simple daily reminder helps encourage the habit of flossing.

  • Smile Club subscribers automatically receive new floss cartridges delivered to their homes at a frequency that works for them.

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  • The toothbrush is designed to use three types of antimicrobial fibers that make it self-cleaning.

  • These high-tech fibers are spiral shaped, tipped in a point, and set in a pattern that is said to focus cleaning along and below the gum line where materials accumulates.


  • Floss|tabs are “smart mints” designed as a rapid melt and on-the-go solution for clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.

  • The mints are a proprietary blend of calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, Vitamin B6 and cyclodextrin. These ingredients have more than 40 years of clinical data and all are regarded as safe by the FDA.

  • Engineered to effectively target and neutralize harmful bacterial acid production in your mouth and elevate pH levels into a safe range.

  • Positively affects existing plaque and inhibits the production of additional plaque by oral bacteria.

  • Possesses the unique ability to target only the harmful oral bacteria, leaving “guardian” or beneficial bacteria alone.

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