Slate Launches Electric Flosser

This electric flosser from Slate will provide an easier, greener, and more efficient way to floss every day.

Slate has announced the launch of its electric flosser. It is designed to be ergonomic and to eliminate all the plaque between the teeth in order for a healthier smile, according to the Kickstarter page for the product. Because plaque contributes to a variety of health problems including cavities, heart disease, and even dementia, it was vital for Slate’s electric flosser to be as effective as possible.

To achieve this, the Slate Electric Flosser utilizes its Gum Sweeps. These are strategically placed bristles and ribs that are meant to emulate the shape of the teeth and gums. The Gum Sweeps remove plaque that would otherwise be untouched by normal brushing. The flosser also features a tongue scraper that can be used to clean bacteria off the tongue. It has 2 rows of rubber bristles designed to clean while still maintaining a comfortable experience.

Floss heads can be exchanged, cleaned, and removed as needed, touting a greener and more sustainable way to floss. It is recommended for replacement every week, and is moving to its production run later in the year.