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Digital systems are not to be excluded from modern dental medicine any more. Like no other company in the dental industry, Sirona has digitalized dentistry and developed integration and linking of systems. The aim is to support the work of dentists with modern instruments and equipment, as well as efficient workflows and optimal comfort during treatment.

Digital systems are not to be excluded from modern dental medicine any more. Like no other company in the dental industry, Sirona has digitalized dentistry and developed integration and linking of systems. The aim is to support the work of dentists with modern instruments and equipment, as well as efficient workflows and optimal comfort during treatment.

"Twenty years ago, not only did we put the first digital panoramic X-ray machine on the market, but, as long as 30 years ago, with CEREC, we made digital impressions and computer-aided dental restoration suitable for office practice," says Jeffrey T. Slovin, president and CEO of Sirona. "Our path and the history of the company stand for successfully clinically tested and scientifically proven technologies that set quality standards."

For IDS, Sirona emphasizes this requirement with its new products under the motto "Proven Digital Solutions."

To learn more about Sirona and its "Proven Digital Solutions," watch our exclusive video from IDS 2015:

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Unprecedented picture quality with ORTHOPHOS SL

The new extra-oral X-ray machine ORTHOPHOS SL broadens the ORTHOPHOS family and combines two new technologies for a reportedly excellent X-ray image. The Direct Conversion Sensor, used for the first time here, significantly better transforms the X-rays into electrical signals. This is said to reduce the dose administered and at the same time improve the image quality. Secondly, the advanced panoramic process has been extended by a reconstructive sharp-layer method in the ORTHOPHOS SL. Several thousand individual projections taken in a circular mode are designed to make for an extraordinarily sharp digital reconstruction.

Images created through this method can be processed with the new SIDEXIS 4 software. SIDEXIS 4 allows 2D images and 3D scans to be opened simultaneously, reprtedly giving dentists immediate access to all relevant patient graphic data. The result is a complete overview of the patient’s treatment history for the clinician. The program is said to be characterized by its easy to use workflow-oriented interface. Of course, SIDEXIS 4 has all relevant interfaces for practice administration and orthodontic analysis.

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CEREC now for orthodontics as well

The expansion of functions and indications is the key element in one of the most important innovations of the tried and true CEREC system. With the new CEREC Ortho software, orthodontists and general dentists engaged in orthodontic activity can now use digital images to plan orthodontic treatment. A reliable scan performed with the CEREC Omnicam allows creation of a digital model of the entire dental arch. The procedure is easy to perform and, due to the reproducibility of the scan results, the procedure can be delegated to others. The data can then be exported for planning of orthodontic treatments and any required equipment. This is said to mean great patient comfort because the impression is taken digitally and treatment can begin much earlier.  The creation and shipping of a physical model is eliminated. If such a model is needed for certain indications, it can be created on a 3D printer.

With orthodontics, "classic" restorations and in implantology the CEREC Omnicam is designed to benefit users and patients because of the use of digital impressions. With the CEREC Omnicam, the smallest propellant-free working color video camera on the market, there is a choice of the CEREC AC and the brand new flexible desktop version, CEREC AF.

With CEREC, it is not only possible to insert implants both temporarily and permanently, but the dentist is supported as well in the planning and insertion itself. The solution is called
CEREC Guide 2. This drilling template can be designed with the new CEREC SW 4.4 and reportedly can be manufactured extremely fast and economically, even directly in the office.

Video: Sirona unveils more details for CEREC 30 CADCAM celebration

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Laser technology – the blue light

Sirona enters absolutely new territory with the new SIROLaser Blue. In addition to the previously customary infrared light at a wavelength of about 970 nanometers (nm), it also emits a blue laser light with a wavelength of 445 nm. Previously, the user had to pass slowly and repeatedly over the tissue with fiberglass, but the SIROLaser Blue is designed to allow an immediately clean and sufficiently deep section image, all without touching the tissue. The blue radiation is absorbed about 100 times better than infrared. It reportedly enables precise, atraumatic sections at astounding speed.

TENEO treatment unit – master of integration

The Sirona treatment units make the important claim of maximum treatment efficiency and optimum comfort. To optimize the flow of treatment, the TENEO treatment unit has functions for the fields of implantology and endodontics for which otherwise additional devices are needed. For example, the new options now being presented at IDS, make TENEO into a true endo-expert. For the first time, the reciprocal filing systems of VDW (RECIPROC®) and Dentsply Maillefer (WAVEONE®) are integrated into the library file of a treatment unit. The display of the built-in apex locator can now also occur directly on the 22’’ HD-monitor SIVISION in direct view of the practitioner. TENEO is marked not only by its ergonomics and in the function and design of the technically feasible but can also be configured so that, for example, Sirona M1 users do not have to readjust and can feel comfortable immediately on their new TENEO.

Video: Sirona introduces new milling machine to inLab line

inLab reloaded – the principle of openness

The five-axis laboratory unit inLab MC X5 is said to be new and surprising in every detail. The milling machine for wet and dry machining offers a broad range of indications and a wide selection of materials for blocks and standard discs. Spindle Touch technology, Easy Clean design and a color-coded tool change magazine reportedly are the most recent Sirona innovations, which contribute to high productivity.

The new inLab software 15.0 is being presented at IDS with numerous innovations. Completely redesigned and consistently focused on the dental design process, it is designed to provide more user interactions and intuitive operation. Along with new features such as the jaw-oriented biogeneric installation, integrated databases and dental gingiva imaging, it contains additional indications of model casting, drilling templates and directly screw-retained bridges.

For the first time, the software also provides a completely new and modular price approach without dongle counters, annual licenses, update obligations or expiration dates. Under the motto "Because dental technicians need freedom," the inLab SW 15.0 is open to the STL-scanned data imported from other model scanners or intraoral recording systems and allows the STL export of inLab to be used on other production units. The digital impressions with Sirona Connect introduces new features for the CEREC AC Connect and Apollo DI intraoral imaging units and for convenient communication between dental practices and laboratories, such as through integrated Skype and chat applications.

"Digital technologies are not an end in themselves,"  Slovin says. “Through their use and their linking with each other, we wish to make dentistry better, safer and faster and to increase the efficiency of dental practices and laboratories."


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