Simplifeye Expands Technology Suite With Invite Platform

The Invite platform streamlines patient scheduling and reactiviation.

Technology solutions company Simplifeye has expanded its technology suite or healthcare practices. The company’s new Invite technology is an artificial technology (AI) powered tool that is designed to create customized and automated outreach to fill practices’ schedules with ideal patients with open treatment plans.

Simplifeye Invite offers ample appointments resulting from its ability to match patients with incomplete treatments to openings in a practice schedule, filling unexpected gaps due to cancellations. It also can segment by procedure, insurance coverage, last treatment date, and more options to help identify priority patients.

Text-to-schedule and email appointment invites right to patients, providing a direct link for patients to schedule then and there. It’s designed to increase conversion of planned treatments to scheduled appointments and simplify scheduling and reactivation of patients combined with increased case acceptance and revenue.