SICAT’s RAPID DIGITALGUIDE Solution Delivers Ready-to-Print Surgical Guide Design

The ready-to-print automatic STL surgical guide design for in-office 3D printing is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Featuring a new STL surgical guide design generated by artificial intelligence to save practitioners valuable time, the SICAT RAPID DIGITALGUIDE enables dentists to optimize the digital chairside workflow.

The design is created automatically and directly available for 3D printing without the need for manual rework. The patient can be treated on the same day, the waiting time for the patient is extremely reduced and the patient experience is improved.

“The SICAT DIGITALGUIDE has revolutionized the way I do dental implant surgery,” says Jay B. Reznick, DMD, M.D., from Tarzana, California. “Implant placement is more accurate, predictable, and it has cut my surgical time in half, allowing me to see more patients every day. I am really excited about the new

RAPID DIGITALGUIDE, with its 20 minutes turn-around and $20 per guide design cost.”

According to the manufacturer, the workflow for ordering a RAPID DIGITALGUIDE is time-saving and extremely smooth: Plan, print and treat. By using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, based on the experience of more than 150,000 planned surgical guides, including

20,000 SICAT DIGITALGUIDE, SICAT delivers the ready-to-print RAPID DIGITALGUIDE for $19.90. The dentist plans the implants in the software, receives the printable STL surgical guide design, prints the guide and can treat the patient within an incredibly short time.

It’s designed to provide a simple and fast workflow from 3D digital implant planning in the SICAT Implant software to final implant placement.

To successfully use the RAPID DIGITALGUIDE in the practice, SICAT Implant 2.0.1 or newer is required as well as the latest version of the SICAT Implant database, which is available for download on in the download area. Dentists using an older version of the SICAT Implant or Galileos Implant software are asked to contact SICAT here for further details.