Shofu launches new HC Block/Disk

The hybrid materials are said to have excellent physical and mechanical attributes.

Shofu Dental Corporation unveiled HC Blocks and Disks, proprietary hybrid ceramic materials for CAD/CAM-based restorative dentistry with CEREC.

Available in multiple shades and translucencies, the optical properties of HC Blocks and Disks reportedly resemble the translucency and fluorescence of natural teeth. The bilayered blocks are modeled after the layering of natural teeth with a chromatic opaque dentin layer and a translucent layer of enamel, allowing clinicians to effortlessly achieve consistent and accurate shade matching while reducing chairside time and treatment cost.

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The proprietary micro-architecture of the products is engineered to support high-wear resistance, allowing for broad applications, including inlays/onlays, anterior/posterior full-contour crowns, bridges and aesthetic veneers, and faster milling.

Other features include:

  • Excellent polishability for lasting esthetics

  • Remarkable stain resistance

  • Force-absorbing attributes

  • Precise milling

  • BPA-free